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Cathy Keathley

Gresham City Council

I am Cathy Vandehey Keathley and I am running for Gresham City Council as a public servant, not a politician. Gresham has been my home for my entire life and I want to stay and fight to improve the safety and livability of our city. We all want the same thing: a safe, thriving and economically stable community. Crime is at an all-time high and we see homelessness affecting our community. My top priority will be to support public safety and the City’s Homeless Program so they can keep our families and businesses safe. I will put you and public safety first.

Cathy Keathley

Lifelong Resident, Commited To Gresham

Public service has always been important to me. I currently serve as a member of the Gresham-Barlow School Board, am a former elected Gresham City Councilor, have worked at Metro and the City of Gresham in Human Resources, and have spent countless hours as a volunteer.

I grew up in Rockwood and stayed in Gresham to start my family. As an active supporter of our schools and many community groups, I locked arms with other parents and community partners to raise thousands of dollars through fundraisers. Through those efforts, I worked side by side with members of this community from every walk of life. I have a deep understanding of their needs.

As a wife and working mother of three, I have experienced firsthand the struggles families’ deal with. I know that every parent wants the best for their children and to be able to provide for their family. Every citizen wants to feel safe in their neighborhood and secure as they go about their everyday life.

I will use my experience to hold people accountable, both inside Gresham and with our partners at the county and state level. My work at the city in labor negotiations, benefits, and recruitment coupled with my experience as a previous Gresham City Councilor gives me a unique understanding of how things work within our city.

My Priorities

Public Safety:

Our citizens do not feel safe in Gresham. Crime is at an all-time high. Public safety is my top priority. I intend to make sure our officers’ feel supported in carrying out the work they do to keep us safe. I am also committed to spend the time and attention needed to find long-term sustainable funding. We can and should have conversations about what our citizens need to feel safe and how we can improve access to mental health services. I will make sure those conversations include mental health providers and our officers. I know our officers are committed to serving and protecting every citizen in our community.

Financial Accountability:

As a city government, we must prioritize what services we offer and take needed steps to pay for them; just like our citizens do with every paycheck. I will have conversations to prepare a plan to provide the critical services in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Working Together:

I want what you want, a culture in the city that encourages us to work together to make Gresham a place where we are safe, have the essential services we need, and the opportunities to thrive. Our success will depend on our ability to partner effectively with our citizens, businesses, community groups and our schools. Each of us offer unique perspectives and resources that will help shape our success. I will challenge the council and City Leadership to make sure each of these groups know their input is valued.


Be The Change:

We all have a personal responsibility to be what we want to see in others, being respectful and displaying good character with honesty, integrity, and kindness. I am committed to bring about the change we all want to see in Gresham.

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“Cathy has experience making hard and fair decisions. People can count on her.”

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